Kennel Cough

        Here at the kennels we are once again at the sharp end of K.C.(Kennel cough) it has paid us a visit for the second time in our 8 year history, Again it was vaccinated dogs that brought it in.
        The K.C. vaccine in my opinion is outdated and not fit for purpose, At the kennels here we have found that vaccinated dogs come down the hardest and take longer to recover. The opposite of what the vaccine is meant for!!

Facts about Kennel Cough
        Your dog does not need to be in a kennel to catch kennel cough.
        K.C. has an incubation period of 10-12 days which means the dog already has the virus 10-12 days before it shows any signs. A dog comes into the kennel on the 1st of the month, Goes home on the 3rd and starts to cough on the 5th. That dog has contracted K.C. before it came into the kennels.
        K.C. vaccine covers two viruses. Bordetella Bronchiseptica and Canine Parainfluenze . TWO!! no one can tell me how many more strains there is, Some say six with lots of substrains. Also if your dog has already contracted K.C. but showing no signs(say day 4-8) and its vaccinated with a live vaccine of K.C. what effect does that have on the dog?
        I have had pups of 3 weeks old and dogs of all ages with K.C. and up to now have had 100% success in treating these dogs purely by giving them garlic super strength capsules. First signs of K.C. is when your dog starts retching it gives the impression that it has something stuck in its throat, Then white frothy bile appears. By administering the garlic within 24hours the bile stops and within 48-72 hours the cough is gone.
        My own personal view of that a percentage of vaccinated dogs develop full blown K.C. and starts the ball rolling. Four years ago i pointed this out to a representative of intervet, the makers of the vaccine and they were going to send a team out to the kennels to find out what was happening, They never did!!
        Once a dog has K.C. there is nothing a vet can do. Anti biotics, Metacam and loxiem are some of the medicines that vets have dished out to some of our customers, These have no effect on K.C. at all but it does allow the vet to be seen to be doing something at your expense!
        whenever we have K.C. introduced to my own dogs I just get it out of the way. I have only had one dog catch K.C. twice and that was very mild and was gone in 24 hours.
        Dogs have developed their own immunity against K.C. passed down from their parents. I have two dogs that have never caught K.C. despite being kenneled with an infected dog.                        
        However should you decide to have your dog vaccinated against kennel cough then please make sure that this is done at least 12 days before coming to the kennels.