As many of you may know, we have recently changed dog food suppliers, as a result of this, we now have a shop stocked with a selection of Gelert, Country Choice dog food. 
We have been trialing this food out for a few months and believe the quality of ingredients is next to non. 
We have a performance range which includes a Chicken&Rice diet for adults and puppies, along with a Lamb&Rice and Fish&Rice diets. 
There is also a selection of wet meats available. 
Our exciting new interpretation of the Moorie Mix is a fantastic complete diet for active dogs. With all the original ingredients mixed thoroughly to create a glazed tasty finish, easily fed to all breeds.  
We have also created a low protein version of the Moorie Mix, sitting at 19%, this is perfect for older dogs, dogs out of work and hyper dogs you just cannot seem to walk enough!